Butte's Piss & Moan Runners
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Butte's Piss & Moan Runners support the creation and maintenance of recreational trails and have joined with the Mile High Backcountry Horsemen in adopting the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) #87 between Pipestone Pass and Homestake Pass. Adoption duties include maintaining water-bars to prevent erosion, clearing windfall and other debris from the trail, and helping to place signage as designated by the USFS. Trail clean-up efforts are conducted at least twice, yearly. This section of trail is also used by the Piss & Moaners as the route for Wulfman's CDT 14K race.


How to get there:

Access to the trail is at the immediate south side of the I-90 Homestake Overpass, off Exit #233.



This trail can be done as an out and back or as a point to point, in which case its net altitude gain from north to south is only about 30 meters, but the gross altitude change is much greater. The path gains elevation steadily from Homestake Pass until it peaks out a little past halfway and then it drops back down to Pipestone Pass on old Highway 2 (Harding Way).