Wulfman’s Tips

Wulfman’s raspy nuggets of wisdom for the unsuspecting runner.

“It’s only a little over 8K.”

“It’s all down hill except for the up hill.”

“There’s just one hill.”

“Start easy and taper off.”

“The markings are blonde-proof.”

“Where the trail disappears, look for my flagging, and if you start down over the rocks, you went the wrong way.”

“What I like most about the summer solstice is that it means, everyday, ski season is getting closer.”


A Little Over 8K
Ode to Wulfman
Will Work for Beer
Tampon Trophy

Wulfman Watching!

A natural rock formation near trail’s halfway point, reminding runners of the Wulfman and his contagious smile and laughter. He’s not laughing at you. He’s laughing with you.

    “There go my people. I must hasten after them, for I am their leader.”

                                                                                     – Wulfman